The top prize for British Wildlife Photography Awards was scooped up by George Karbus, a photographer and free diver based in Ireland. The winning image titled ‘In the Living Room’ was captured at Ballintoy, County Antrim, Northern Ireland and it is an underwater photo of a bottlenose dolphin surfing a wave. Visibility is not always great off the coast of Ireland, so Mr Karbus is lucky to have achieved such a clear image.

He says: “I encountered this playful dolphin that suddenly started to surf the deep tube inside the waves…Each time he got into the wave, I dived underneath the water, held my breath and waited for the moment when he would swish through a silver barrel close enough to my lens…visibility is always very limited in Ireland, and I was very lucky to get a shot like this.”

Karbus is already a recognised and established photographer who loves and breathes the ocean and nature itself.

The winning photograph will be exhibited along with other entries at the Mall Galleries London from today, 2nd September until its starts its tour around the UK.





Rainforest of the Sea

Location: Horniman Museum, London

Date: Until Sunday, 15th Sept 2013
Description: This photography exhibition by the marine biologist, photographer and current aquarium curator shows the wonders of the sea whilst focusing on two islands north east of Borneo, Indonesia, the are known as the ‘coral triangle’. 


Visions of the Universe

Location: National Maritime Museum, London

Date: Until Sunday, 15th Sept 2013

Description: Over 100 breathtaking images about understanding our place in the universe. ‘Mars Window’, a 13-metre-long continuous image is truly captivating as it creates an impression of looking through an oversize window onto the red planet itself.


Miles Aldridge: I only want you to love me

Location: Somerset House, London

Date: Until Sunday, 29th Sept 2013

Description: This exhibition includes the photographs, Polaroids and drawings of fashion photographer and designer Miles Aldridge. Expect vivid colours and lots of glamour, a really decadent treat to the eyes!


Coronation! 1953 – 2013

Location: Westminster Abbey, London

Date: Until Friday, 27th Sept 2013 

Description: This special exhibition marks the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation in 1953. The exhibition includes some behind-the-scene photographs highlighting the preparations that took place at Westminster Abbey before this important event.


The Yorkshire Photographers

Location: Leeds Gallery, Leeds

Date: 23rd Oct – 19th Nov 2013

Description: Photography of, in and about Yorkshire.


John Hinde: Postcards

Location: The Photographers’ Gallery, London

Date: 1st Aug – 20th Oct 2013

Description: John Hinde is considered by many to be one of the pioneers of colour photography. His works are more appreciated now than they were during his career as it was not until the 70s that colour photography gained acknowledgement and Hinde’s technical accomplishments were recognised. The exhibition also gives visitors the opportunity to purchase prints and postcards of his work.


Moyra Davey: Hangmen of England

Location: Tate Liverpool, Liverpool

Date: 8th June – 6th Oct 2013

Description: The exhibition features Moyra Davey’s works created using photographs taken in Liverpool and Manchester as well as a new version of her Copperhead series. The Copperhead series comprise one hundred close-up photographs of the profile of Abraham Lincoln as engraved onto US one cent coins.


There are numerous photography magazines on the market and it can be hard to decide on which one to purchase. We compiled a list of the most popular Photography magazines currently in circulation in the UK.

British Journal of Photography (BJP)
BJP (my personal favourite) is the world’s longest running photography magazine. The photographs featured always have a story to tell with great background information; they are thought-provoking which will make look again at the images! The magazine was established in 1854 and has had an online presence since 1997. It is a high-quality printed monthly publication, so you will want to keep every issue!
Digital SLR Photography
As its title says, is dedicated to digital SLR photographers from the beginner to the professional. The monthly magazine is informative and combines articles on photography techniques, news, reviews of the latest DSLR equipment as well as inspirational images. The team at DSLR Photography clearly have a passion for photography and they produce a comprehensive publication.
Digital Photographer
Digital Photographer is dedicated to the needs of enthusiasts and semi-pro photographers. The magazine includes technical guides, news and reviews, hands-on advice from the professionals and stunning images to encourage and inspire all! They will even explain how to achieve the images featured! The team behind the magazine work constantly to ensure that their audience develop their photographic skills.
Amateur Photographer
The world’s oldest consumer weekly photographic magazine, first published in 1884. The magazine targets the amateur photographer, but it is equally informative and useful for professionals as it has helped generations of photographers to improve their skills. The publication comprises of the latest news and reviews on cameras and equipment, articles, competitions, hints & tips and motivating images.
Advanced Photographer
Advanced Photographer, ‘the magazine that takes your images seriously’. The magazine is completely dedicated to the advanced enthusiast and it is the ultimate magazine for serious, driven, experienced photographers.
Professional Photographer
Professional Photographer is aimed at the seasoned photographer with more experience. The magazine features news & reviews, portfolios, competitions, exhibition information, articles, interviews, business matters and more. The web page has further aspects such as blog, directory, pod casts.
Digital Photo
Newcomers and skilled photographers will both love this magazine as it combines great advice and inspiration for all. There are explanations of various techniques to create new images as well as a CD for further tuition. The editor says: ‘The team that make Digital Photo are all photographers and Photoshop experts, so we all share exactly the same passion for the subject as the readers. This shows through in the magazine and the CD, as nowhere else can you find such an incredible mix of tuition and inspiration.’
Practical Photography
A publication for everyone with a passion for photography, combining inspirational images, expert hands-on advice and reliable reviews.
Outdoor Photography
This monthly magazine is specialist in its field and features a great balance of photo techniques, reviews, travel, wildlife and landscape. The stories focus on the environment and captivating images are regularly featured from leading photographers of the UK.
Photography Monthly
A monthly magazine that brings together interesting articles, news & reviews, tips & techniques, competitions as well as stunning images. Their website is also equally comprehensive and has a Forum, Directory, Gallery and more.
Photography for Beginners
A magazine designed for everyone who uses a compact camera or even a cameraphone to capture images. The hands-on teaching style will help the reader shoot, edit and share better photos. You will be able to achieve great shots with any camera!

Canon’s replacement to the EOS 60D, the new EOS 70D has been unveiled and is set to be released at the end of Aug 2013.

This ‘all-purpose’ camera features integrated Wi-Fi enabling the user to share images immediately to social media or to cloud storage platforms.

The new 20.2 megapixel camera is the first DSLR in the world to include Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, which allows smooth and accurate autofocus when shooting full HD (1920 X 1080p) movies and also fast AF acquisition.

One of these new cameras will set you back approx. £1079 for the body-only and higher depending on the lens option you choose to accompany your new toy!
The 3-inch Vari-angle Clear View LCD II Touch screen makes menu navigation easy and the old mode of using various buttons, a thing of the past!

Other capabilities include an ISO range of ISO 100 – 12,800 which is expandable to ISO 25,600 and also the ability to capture full resolution images at up to 7 frames per second.

When investing in new or even used camera equipment, it is wise to protect your items by comprehensive camera insurance whether you are an amateur or a professional. At we understand the ins and outs of cameras and related equipment and how devastating in can be should a loss occur, so make sure you visit our website for an instant quote at competitive prices!